Why Young Living?

The Young Living Difference

Young Livings mission is to bring pure essential oils into every home in the world. Through their expansive, proprietary Seed to Seal® commitment and its three pillars—Sourcing, Science, and Standards—they work to provide the purest, most authentic products for every family and lifestyle.

They have been pioneering essential oils for more than two decades—all starting with one small crop of true lavender grown in St. Maries, Idaho, by Founder and Chairman of the Board D. Gary Young.  

Since then, they have expanded into 13 worldwide offices overseeing 20 markets, 16 corporate-owned and partner farms, nearly 600 individual products, more than 3,000 employees, and over $1 billion in annual revenue. They’ve seen unprecedented growth in the last few years, with no signs of slowing down. 

Young Living

About Young Living

As the world leader in essential oils, Young Living believes that everyone deserves a life full of abundance and wellness. Young Living’s vision is to bring the life-changing benefits of essential oils to every home,  family, and lifestyle. 

Young Living’s story started about 25 years ago with a simple,  home-built essential oil distillery. Today, Young Living farms and  community span the globe and create jobs worldwide. Because of Young  Living’s proven commitment to provide nature’s best, millions trust  Young Living to deliver superior essential oils.

Seed to Seal

Young  Living is committed to establishing and maintaining the ultimate  industry leading standard in essential oil products. Young Living is  proud to offer an extensive line of authentic, essential oil-infused  solutions that represent the best of nature through the standards of  their groundbreaking Seed to Seal program.

The three pillars of this meticulous approach—Sourcing, Science, and  Standards—allow young Living to deliver pure, authentic essential oils  and essential oil-infused products that you and your family can use with  full peace of mind.

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If  you want to take the first step in creating a toxin-free home for you  and your family, the best way is to become a Young Living member.

Becoming a Young Living member is simple and the best way to get the  full benefits of what Young Living has to offer. Becoming a member  requires being enrolled and sponsored by an existing Young Living  member. Lucky for you Jacob Atkinson, owner of Sunset Home Inspections  LLC, is a member that can guide you a long the way. 

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Pure Products


Young Living's Sourcing protocols guide where they get their essential oils and how we ensure that those sources uphold their quality specifications—from their corporate-owned farms to their partner farms and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers. Third-party validation verifies that these and other specifications are being followed. 


Young Living's carefully sourced essential oils go through stringent testing in thier state-of-the-art lab to help ensure that they meet thier rigorous quality standards. Additionally, two independent and accredited labs test their essential oil samples. Not only are these essential oils pure, but their other innovative wellness products are formulated to exclude harmful ingredients that will never be found in their formulas, while undergoing extensive testing of their own. 


Young Living strives to sustainably source rare botanicals, uplift communities, and more, all in an effort to offer pure products that you know are part of a greater good. This means partnering with sources who strive to operate ethically and comply with the law, protecting nature by exhaustively complying with all environmental laws, and becoming greener every day through reforestation; recycling; and building a brand-new, LEED-certified global headquarters. 

Young Living Purchasing Options

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This is the best option. On top of receiving wholesale price, 24% off your orders,  Essential Rewards rewards with free merchandise just for being a monthly loyal member. 


The  next best option is to become a member of Young Living and receive wholesale price, 24% off retail, with every purchase after you purchase a starter kit. 


This is the easiest way, but without any reward. Just visit www.youngliving.com choose the items you want, add them to your cart, purchase them at full price, and await your order. Simple and to the point.

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